Majors and Involvement



The Cornell Chapter of Alpha Zeta Fraternity currently has 49 active brothers and sisters. We are a co-ed social, honors, and professional fraternity with a focus in agriculture and the life sciences. 

Though many of our memebrs are in CALS, our memebrship is not limited to strictly agriculture-related fields. Several alumni come from majors like Landscape Architecture, Applied Ecomonics & Management, Hotel Administration, and Government.


Majors currently represented include:

-Agricultural Science                        

-Animal Science

-Plant Science                                    

-Biological Science             

-Viticuture and Enology


-Nutritional Science


-Hotel Administration

-Food Science



On Campus & Community Activities:


Our members are havily involeved in many other activites on campus and in the Ithaca community, many of them serving as officers in other organizations.


These include:


Block and Bridle


Pre-Vet Society

Cornell Collegiate Farm Bureau

Beekeeping Club at Cornell

Women's NCAA Varsity Polo

Agricultural Science Ambassadors

Animal Science Mentorship Program

Cornell Raptor Program

Cornell Traditions

Diversity Housing

Guild of Visual Arts

Ho Nun De Kah

Minority Animal Science Students

Science Olympiad at Cornell


Alpha Epsilon Delta

Alpha Phi Omega

Biology Service Leaders


Cerione Lab (Vet School)


Club Crew

Club Field Hockey

Club Paintball

Club Ultimate Frisbee

Cornell Botanic Gardens

Cornell Class Council

Cornell International Affairs Society

Cornell Minds Matter

Cornell Nature Scoiety

Cornell Republicans

CU Nooz


Dilmun Hill Steering Commitee

Eucharistic Minister at Sage Chapel

Farmer's Market at Cornell

Food Science Club

General Chemistry Tutor

Glee Club

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Humor Us! Sketch Comedy


Intramural Dodgeball

Intramural Battleship Canoe

Intramural Bowling

Intramural Flag Football

Intramural Sand Volleyball

Intramural Soccer

Ithaca Soccer League

Korean Students Association

LSAMP Scholars Program

Mazourek Lab (Dept. of Plant Breeding)

McNair Scholars Program


MIllenial Voices Project

Nature Society

Nutrition and Dietetics Club



Rawlings Research Scholars

Recreational Golf

Recreational Sailing Club

Recreational Tennis Club

Rock Climbing Club

Senior Days

TA for Animal Science

TA for Chemistry

Thaler Lab (Dept. of Entomology)

Tioga Sportsmen's Club

Tompkins Co. Public Library

Vet School CARE Volunteer

Wildlife Society

Women's Club Softball