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The Cornell Chapter elects its Executive Board at the end of the Fall Semester and they serve for the following calendar year. Members can also hold a variety of appointed positions in the house and join committees.


Both the Corporation Board, a group of alumni that own the Chapter house, and the House Advisors, a group of Cornell Faculty or Staff selected by the Chapter, serve in an advisory capacity to the active Chapter.

2019 Executive Board

Chancellor - Allyson Wentworth '20 (aw533)

Censor - Lily-Anne Trainor (lt442)

Scribe - Allison Finn '21 (alf236)

Treasurer - Nicole Menetski '20  (nam89)

Chronicler - Jenna Bernhardt '20 (jeb498)

House Manager - Lily Berghorn '21 (ljb288)

Steward - Erin Scannell '21 (eks82)

Brother Liaison - James Cagle '21 (jmc694)

 Elected Positions

New Member Educator - James Cagle '21

New Member Educator - Christel-Remy Kuck '20

Recruitment Chair - Nicole Menetski '20

Recruitment Chair - Agnes Guillo '21

Ag Day Chair - Marlie Lukach '20

Ag Day Chair - Sammy Merrill '21

Corporation Board

President - Jeffrey A. Perry '89

Vice President - Bonnie Muffoletto '88

Secretary - Rebecca Tallmadge-Ingram '98

Treasurer - Glenn Gabriel '97

Endowment Secretary - John Brouillette '86

Members at Large

Rebecca Franklin '92

Jessica May '11

Kimberly Farrell Fleming '87

Judy Charter Moody '05

Emeritus Directors

Richard A. Church '64

Bruce Osadchey '61

Ronald B. Furry '53

 House Advisors

Timothy J. Oonk '89 (Assoc. '03)

Cindy Van Es (Assoc. '08)