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The Alpha Zeta House

For over 100 years now, the Cornell Chapter of Alpha Zeta has called 214 Thurston Avenue its home. The house has gone through 3 major renovations since it was acquired by the Chapter in 1906; the latest was completed in 1993. The House holds around 30 active members at any given time as well as a live-in facility manager. It boasts a large kitchen, library, workout room, and many common areas available for Chapter use. 

Room and Board Costs

Chapter members have the option of living in the house at any point of their undergraduate time at Cornell. The room and board costs are much cheaper than most on-campus and Collegetown alternatives. If you receive financial aid, living in the house will not reduce the University's contribution to your expenses. We employ a chef during the semester who prepares dinners Sunday through Thursday, lunch Monday through Thursday, and Sunday brunch. The kitchen is always stocked with food and members often cook on days where there are no house meals. 


Double Room - $2200/Sem.

Single Room - $3400/Sem.

Super Single Room - $3800/Sem.

Double as Single - $4400/Sem.

Summer Housing - $600

Meal Plan

Full Meal Plan - $1800/Sem.

Cook's Fee* - $425/Sem.

*The Cook's fee is only paid by members who live out of the house. This allows them to attend all open dinners as well as any lunches during the week and have access to leftovers and food in the kitchen.


Active Member - $375/Sem.

Social Fee - $200/Sem. 

New Member Dues* - $275 

*New member dues are paid in addition to normal dues the semester after joining. These cover the AZ national initiation fee as well as new member apparel and graduation expenses. These can often be covered by an in-house award that new members can apply for after they are initiated.

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